10/2/15 12:56 PM

BJP Promises Free Scooties, Laptops & TVs in Bihar




The BJP released its manifesto promising various sections like youth, students, farmers etc as Bihar elections are nearing. Union minister of Finance, Arun Jaitley on Thursday released the manifesto which promises free scooties for girls, free laptops for boys and color TVs for dalits. Also loans with very low interest rates are assured for children of the under-privileged to avail technical education and professional courses. Loans without interest for farmers and 24 hr power supply like in Gujarat are also mentioned in the manifesto.

The minister also mentioned medicines for very low price at Atal Medical Centres and flats at low cost for those who are deprived of land. It also said that the village councils should encourage education for girls and councils that get more than 6 girls to join schools will be rewarded.Scooties will be presented to girls who exhibit extraordinary performance in 10th and 11th standards. Arun Jaitley said that 100 scooties will be given in each district. He promised distribution of 50 thousand laptops per year for boys. On account of releasing the manifesto, the minister fired on Bihar CM Nithish Kumar’s governance. He said that Bihar’s youth is migrating to other states for employment and once NDA government takes over power, this would not happen since it will provide employment opportunities within the state.



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