05/19/15 6:08 AM

BJP’s Game with TDP & TRS




If PM Narendra Modi calls us to cabinet, we will think about it. This is the answer given by KCR’s daughter, Nizamabad MP Kavitha to question put forward by media. Kavitha said that they will be meeting PM Modi and other ministers for achievement of golden Telangana.How can TRS join NDA, which has TDP as a part of it. Will Modi invite TRS to cabinet? Many such questions are arising in political circles.

Some strongly say that TRS will surely join centre’s cabinet soon after commencement of GHMC elections. Why the wait? In case TRS joins hands with BJP now itself, TRS loses the high count of muslim votes in Hyderabad. So, the party is making plans to join the cabinet after GHMC elections.

BJP on the other hand has a different plan. In case TRS leaders are given ministries at center, BJP will be washed out of Andhra Pradesh. BJP gains nothing by inviting TRS to central cabinet after the GHMC elections. This shows that BJP has no benifits in the two states. So, if ministries are to be given to TRS, BJP is planning to ask for Mayor’s seat in exchange.

KCR needs Mayor’s seat, his daughter Kavita needs ministry. KCR is ready to give away Deputy Mayor’s seat to BJP but, BJP has already won the seat earlier. Hence Hyderabad deputy mayor’s position is not good with BJP. Thus, the BJP and TRS got tangled with the issue.




TDP on the other hand is trying hard to stand in good relations with BJP. CM Chandrababu Naidu who met Amit Shah of BJP, he discussed how both parties should grow collectively and simultaneously. Babu has agreed to give an MLC seat away to BJP. But, BJP does not like staying a junior partner to TDP in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Atleast in Telangana, BJP wishes to stay ahead of TDP. In case BJP’s plan works out, it would either contests for more seats than TDP in GHMC elections or associate with TRS. Either of the two will appen, analyze a few political pandits.


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