09/14/15 12:09 PM

BJP’s Serious Warning to Rajinikanth


A Kannada producer recently announced that he is coming up with a film based on Tipu Sultan’s lifestory with Rajinikanth and the superstar has already nodded to play the role. With this, BJP circles warned Rajinikanth that he will have to face severe consequences if he plays the role. Tamil Nadu BJP sources fired that ‘Tipu Sultan was an outrageous person, he very much ill-treated Hindus. Tipu Sultan who ruled his kingdom from Mysore during 18th century also committed various atrocities against Tamilians..How can such a person be shown as a hero in a film and how could Rajinikanth accept to play such a role?’.




BJP senior leader L.Ganeshan who reacted on this said, “ Tipu was an aggressor, who committed maximum atrocities against Hindus. Rajinikanth will never tak up a role to portray such a character. He (Rajinikanth) is my very good friend. I am sure he will not take up the role portraying Tipu Sultan as a hero”. ‘This is an aspect directly related to self-respect of Tamilians. Rajinikanth should reject proposal to act in  the film that shows Tipu Sultan as a hero’, said Hindu Munnani leader Ramagopalan. He also mentioned certain pints from former CM M.G.Ramachandran’s autobiography where he says his ancestors shifted from Coimbatore to Palakkad because of  Tipu’s attacks.



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