11/4/15 12:21 PM

Brahmanandam Walks Out of Dictator

BRAHMANANDAM_walks out of dictator

BRAHMANANDAM_walks out of dictator


Brahmanandam has walked out of Balakrishna’s 99th film Dictator. The star comedian who is busy with films has backed out from one of the prestigious projects in Tollywood. Brahmi who failed to entertain audiences with his comic touch this year has been gaining negative image in public and TFI. Most of the films including the big budgeted formulaic films that have Brahmi failed at box-office. The latest we hear is that he is out of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Dictator and the reason officially heard is that he has got dates allotment issue. But there are two versions on his exit from the project. The first one is what we officially hear and the second one is that Brahmi is unhappy with the role he was offered in Dictator. He is bored of playing the similar roles multiple times and realized the fact that public are not interested in it anymore. As a result, Brahmanandam decided to move on and producers of Balakrishna-starrer are tight-lipped on this matter. Let us hope that Brahmi takes a good decision. Let us expect him to entertain us well like he used to do earlier.



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