02/8/16 11:48 AM

Breaking: Dasari Missing


Popular film maker, Darshakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao has been found missing since yesterday. He was not found after he left Hyderabad last night to pay visit to Mudragada who is on hunger strike. Police have reportedly asked Dasari not to go to Kirlampudi to meet Mudragada. After he received a call from the police, Dasari got his followers get down the car and he moved away. They are worried where the film maker has gone. The Kapu Gharjana has turned an affective issue to some personalities like Chiranjeevi and Dasari to excel politically using the caste affairs. Why would anyone miss such a great opportunity! Chiranjeevi is also seen visiting Kirlampudi often these days.

Latest: Dasari who started in Hyderabad reached Rajahmundry. Since police detained him from visiting Mudragada, he stayed in Rajahmundry. It is possible that Dasari will meet Mudragada when he is done with hunger strike, say sources


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