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Bruce Lee Review-ECG | Ram Charan


Bruce Lee The Fighter movie starring Ram Charan and Rakul Preet in lead roles under Sreenu Vaitla’s direction and DVV Danayya’s production hit theatres today. Did Sreenu vaitla score a hit? Let’s see.





A mediocre father (Rao Ramesh) has a daughter and a son (Ram Charan). Being unable to afford to get them educated, he decides to join son in a private school and daughter in a government school. The daughter has love for education. Son who notices his sister’s interest in studying, scores less marks as an average student so that his sister could get better education. In order to make his sister a collector, hero works as a stunt master to satisfy her needs. But the father believes that he is the one getting his daughter educated and his son is just wandering about without use. One day, Karthik, in the uniform of police fights at a marriage to let the occasion happen. Heroine falls in love with him on witnessing all this. With this, he continues acting as a police to win heroine’s love. In the process, he unknowingly harms villain’s gang. Life will be going on peacefully. Then there is a twist. Hero’s sister’s wedding will be arranged with the son of head of the company which hero’s father works for.One day when she returns home after giving an exam at college, villain’s gang abducts her along with her friends and gets them booked under various cases. In the course of setting his sister free from those wrong cases, hero combats with a criminal gang. What is the relation between this gang and his sister’s soon-to-be in-laws? How does hero face mafia and what are the problems he faces? How does he overcome them?…These make the remaining part of the story.



There is nothing new in the above story right? But a regular story is shown in an interesting manner. Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan along with Sreenu Vaitla developed the small story well. Dialogues by Kona Venkat are fine. Ram Charan alone carries the entire film on his shoulders. He simply rocked when it comes to dance. Ram Charan is very energetic in action scenes. Saptagiri in first half and Brahmanandam in second half entertain audiences well. They will not make you roar with laughter but however, audiences do not get bored. Rakul Preet fit in well in a character that is required in the film with no scope for performance. It is understood that Rakul preet tried showing skin but she got nothing much to show. Sampath Raj as villain and Arun Vijay as his son were fine. Jayaprakash Reddy, Posani, Pruthvi, Ali, Vennela Kishore, Shayaji Shindey and others performed well. Nadiya’s character is meant only for sentiment and there is no proper role for her in Bruce Lee The Fighter. Stunts are good. Thaman’s songs are good to watch rather than to listen. Credit goes to choreographers, director Sreenu vaitla and Ram Charan. Producer DVV Danayya made the film richly. Climax is extended for Chiranjeevi. Even if megastar’s character is absent, it would be of no harm to the story.



Bruce Lee The Fighter can be watched once for Ram Charan’s dances, fights, adequate comedy.


Before checking the ECG review of Bruce Lee The Fighter, let us see what ECG review is.

Korada.com prestigiously presents the new ‘E.C.G’ (Evaluating Cinema on a Graph) analysis for the first time ever… for reviewing and rating a movie. Rating is provided in ECG process by considering the movie in intervals of 5 minutes. Score will be allotted based on response of audiences every 5 min; whether they are excited, bored, applauding, impressed or irritated in that interval of time. Final review is presented in the form of a graph. The process demands each movie to be watched atleast twice or thrice sometimes. Many sites give ratings and reviews without proper evaluation. Producers who invest crores of rupees on good films are also liable to huge loss because of such reviews. The policy of E.C.G by korada.com is to provide clean and clear-cut reviews to the public.

Let us now check the ECG review of Bruce Lee The Fighter and Rating awarded to the film.




RATING – 3.25


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