04/14/16 3:26 PM

Bunny is Rabbit : RGV

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Maverick Ram Gopal Varma, after watching Sardaar Gabbar Singh made interesting tweets on the actor and his film. The director also criticized the Bollywood Box Office stamina of the actor. Yesterday, also the actor has come up with interesting tweets in his own style. RGV straightly attacks the actor by saying that a foreign dubbed film has been doing well when compared with Sardaar Gabbar Singh and this is not fair on Pawan Kalyan’s part. “If foreign dubbed film is houseful all over and PK’s is not its the loyal responsibility of PK fans to wake up Power Star from his sleep. Sir I believe in u more harder than ur so called hard core believers but u shud fucking believe more hard in ur hard beliefs. Am sorry to say this to u as a genuine hard core fan of urs but ur so called hard core fans are just super c_______thiyas. As the most genuine fan of urs I think u are 10 times better than Chiranjeevigaru and 5 times better than Rajnikantgaaru. Bunny outstands while You STANDOUT but ur fans can’t even just fucking stand while other stars fans are just sitting and… Reslise and understand u are a King Cobra and do not pander to some fucking BUNNY RABBITS..please take care of ur fangs. Since ur fans are very illiterate nd u are very literate it’s time u leave illiterate fans and become mega powerful literate. My bottom line is u are the reason for ur extraordinariness and it’s the less than ordinaries around u who are making u lesser.” he tweeted.



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