05/21/15 8:56 AM

Bus Falls into Godavari River; 2 Dead, 30 Injured

godavari river bus fall

godavari river bus fall


An RTC bus on its way to Bhadrachalam in Telangana’s Khammam district fell into river Godavari after losing control. While 2 people died in the incident, 30 passengers are severely injured. The bus while mounting a bridge lost control and speeded towards the left and landed upside-down in the Godavari River. 40 passengers were present in the bus when the accident took place. Locals reacted immediately to it and admitted the injured to a hospital in Bhadrachalam area. Sources say that the position of some of them is critical. Meanwhile, Telangana minister Mahender Reddy expressed grief about the accident and ordered the district’s collector that investigation be carried out on it. He also told them to take proper care of injured.


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