03/22/16 1:50 PM

Buying Something Cheap? Be Ready to Face Results


Food, water, clothing…these are the basic need of humans.  A new addition to the list is a mobile phone. Though the first three are unavailable, the fourth one is a must now-a-days. This is how much people rely on mobiles. This very mobile phone is putting their lives at risk.

Wondering what is with this mobile phone and risk? Here is a ghastly incident that took place in Karachi in Pakistan, which is a wakeup call to all mobile phone users. A man who was carrying mobile phone in his pocket suddenly noticed flames of fire from it. Within no time, his clothes and body were totally burnt. Going into detail…

A man was walking in market are in Karachi. Flames of fire started emerging from his mobile which he placed in his pocket. Before he could realize that he caught fire, his clothes and body were burnt. The burning man ran across the road shouting for help. Locals panicked on seeing him. Not knowing who set him on fire, they tried to put it off. When a man dumped a bucketful of water on him, the fire set off. The burnt man was shifted to a hospital and is undergoing treatment.

Locals were shocked to know that the reason behind the fire is a mobile phone. The battery in the phone was a fake one and it burst out, they say. If we are buying some product that comes at a cheaper price, we should be ready to face the results!



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