12/18/15 2:38 PM

Call Money Sex Racket – How it Works




Call money sex racket has been distorting the TDP government since most people involved in call money scam are associated with the Telugu Desam Party. Let us see how call money scam actually goes. Mediocre and under privileged families will need money at some point of time. Be it for their livelihood or for children’s school fee or any other reason, they will have to borrow money. This is when call money system comes to their rescue and lends money at extremely high interest rates. Once you inform them that you need money, they will bring money and give it to you right at your doorstep. Do not misunderstand these persons. They are not so good. Once they lend money, they cleverly take signatures of the person on promissory notes and cheques because Promissory note is valid for two months from the date mentioned on it, whereas, a cheque is valid only for three months. Once the period of time is finished, they illegitimately start charging money from them. Interest is generally collected once in a month. But in case of call money, they may ask for in one week, 10 days, 15 days or any span of their choice. Starting from 20 rupees, they charge up to 100 rupees, taking advantage of despair of the debtor. For example, call money gang collected Rs.1000 per day from a person who borrowed Rs.1 lakh from them.

This way, if a person fails to repay money even after allotted time frame, they impose however much interest rates they want. Call money demons also hire rowdies and bouncers. Each money-lender hires around 30 to 40 of them. Based on their caliber and strength, they are paid salaries between Rs.50,000 and Rs.1 lakh. These bouncers are sent to houses of those who are unable to pay money back to threaten them. Later, they forcibly take documents of valuable properties and give them to call money people. These people take over the property till loan is paid back. For instance, if one borrows money from a call money person and fails to pay back, and he owns a house, he will be thrown out of the house along with family. He will be able to get back to his house only after he pays back the money. They get GPA registered in the pretext of surety at the time of giving money. You might be wondering what the police are up to when this much nonsense is happening. SI, CI and other police officials get their monthly commission (lakhs of rupees) from call money gangs. Thus, they totally grab everything that one has, leaving him lost. When the interest reaches five to six times the principal amount they borrowed, the call money persons put before people, prostitution proposals. This is how call money sex racket begins. They ring up families who took loans from them and torture them into prostitution. Because of the threatening calls, women from many families are becoming a part of sex racket, not knowing what to do. Some other women who cannot give up self-respect are killing themselves.



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