06/12/15 9:34 AM

Cash for Vote: ACB Obtaining Clues about Lokesh’s Involvement

The Telangana ACB says that CM Chandrababu Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh is involved in cash-for-vote scam. The ACB that has rigorously been working on the cash-for-vote case has reportedly found a major clue about Lokesh’s involvement in the case. Nara Lokesh spoke to nominated MLA Stephenson over A4 accused Jerusalem Mathaiah’s mobile phone, said ACB. They say that they have with them the voice records of Lokesh speaking to Stephenson.




Meanwhile, the ACB is investigating more into the matter to avoid any wrong conclusions that could be derived by them regarding the audio record. Once they confirm, they will put forward the details. The ACB is now busy determining whether the voice in the audio records belongs to Lokesh or not. In case the voice is proved to be his’, ACB is planning to rope Lokesh as an accused in cash-for-vote case.


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