07/16/15 6:43 AM

Cash for Vote Case To Parliament




The Cash-for-vote case that shuddered the telugu states is now forward in parliament. Congress party is preparing grounds to raise this issue in the meetings that will begin on 21st july. AICC decided to mention the issue in parliament and demand CBI probe into it. AP, Telnagana PCC leaders Uttam Kumar Reddy, Raghuveera Reddy met with Rahul Gandhi in Delhi recently. That was when they discussed cash-for-vote case. The Congress High Command ordered PCC in both states to furnish full details of the scam. TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy said that Rahul Gandhi will put forward the csh-for-vote scam during monsoon session of parliament. It is known that TDP MLA Revanth Reddy was caught redhanded while bribing nominated MLA Stephenson for the purpose of MLC election. The Congress high command also reportedly focused on the telephonic conversation between Chandrababu and Stephenson.



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