06/13/15 7:25 AM

Cash for Vote: Chandrababu Meeting with ACB DG, Senior Police Officials



AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and ACB DG Mala Kondaiah have met to discuss latest updates in cash-for-vote issue as Telangana ACB has speeded up investigation procedure. The duo would reportedly discuss phone tapping and the procedure to be followed next in cash-for-vote issue. Babu, on Friday night, had a meeting with DGP JV Ramudu, Intelligence IG Anuradha and some senior police officials to discuss the steps to be taken as they have already complained to the center about phone tapping. Telangana ACB has sent the audio and video CDs, mobile phones and CPUs seized from Revanth Reddy’s, Sebastian’s and Uday Sinha’s houses to forensic lab for examination. Under this context, Chandrababu Naidu is discussing the issue with superior officials in his state.



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