08/18/15 5:20 AM

Cash For Vote: Chandrababu Mentioned 22 Times in Charge Sheet

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The Telangana ACB mentioned AP CM Chandrababu Naidu’s name in charge sheet filed over sensational cash-for-vote case. The CM’s name was not included in list of accused. But mentioning Babu’s name is a twist in the case. Part of transcript involving CM Chandrababu’s talks with nominated MLA Stephenson was included in the charge sheet. TDP MLA Revanth Reddy saying that the amount of money to be given to Stephenson was finally decided by Chandrababu was also mentioned in the charge sheet.


Chandrababu-Naidu (1)


Revanth Reddy confessing that the job of buying Stephenson; and that he himself was offering Rs.2.50 crore for supporting them in election, he asked Stephenson to tell him how much more amount is required so that he will convey it to Chandrababu was all mentioned in charge sheet. Also that Chandrababu will decide final amount that will be offered and Stephenson could meet the CM, which will be kept confidential was included.

But it was mentioned that complainant Stephenson refused to meet Chandrababu in person, charge sheet says. According to details mentioned in charge sheet filed by ACB, Harry Sebastian spoke from his mobile phone bearing number 9394326000 to nominated MLA Stephenson on 9949054323 at 4:00 pm on 30th May. Saying that Chandrababu would like to speak to Stephenson, Sebastian handed the phone over to the CM. Starting with ‘They briefed me’, Babu concluded saying, ‘I am with you..don’t worry brother..I am with you..All your demands will be fulfilled’.

ACB officials mentioned in charge sheet that Sebastian said during investigation that he received a text message from the same number that night at around 09:33 pm. Informing that his mobile has been changed, a new number was sent to Sebastias, as he said. However, CM Chandrababu Naidu’s name was mentioned 22 times on the whole in the charge sheet.



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