07/29/15 5:44 AM

Cash for Vote: Chandrababu’s Name in Charge Sheet


The Telangana ACB that investigated cash-for-vote case for 2 months finally filed charge sheet over accused in the case in special court. While Revanth Reddy was mentioned prime accused (A1), Sebastian, Uday Sinha and Jerusalem Mattaiah have been mentioned as other acused in cash-for-vote scam. In the 25-page charge sheet filed by ACB officials, it was said that 39 witnesses were investigated.




The ACB that mentioned Revanth Reddy as A1 said that they observed Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu having spoken to nominated MLA Stephenson. It is  found that though Chandrababu’s name is included in the charge sheet, the extent of his involvement in cash-for-vote has not been mentioned. ACB said that a charge sheet including Sandra Venkata Veeraiah’s name and his involvement in the case will soon be filed in the court.

Officials who said that they have not arrested accused Mattaiah so far mentioned about High Court orders.  As they have already filed a petition to cancel the HC’s orders, further steps will be taken based on the court’s decision, they informed. It is noticeable that the Telangana ACB mentioned AP CM in charge sheet for namesake. So, it can be observed that the ACB might surely unofficially react by issuing notices to Babu. However, we do not know when that could happen. Officials mentioned that investigation slowed down due to leakage of Chandrababu’s audio tapes.



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