08/3/15 7:23 AM

Cash for Vote: MLA Revanth Reddy at ACB Court

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TDP MLA Revanth Reddy accused in cash-for-vote case made presence at ACB court this morning. Other accused Sebastian and Uday Sinha were also present at the court hearing. This is the first time that MLA Revanth Reddy attrended court hearing after he was granted bail. Uday Sinha complained to the court against ACB officials during the hearing. He alleged that they are troubling him. ACB officials are threatening him to disclose names of political leaders involved in cash-for-vote, he told at the court. He requested the judge to get him relieved from them. Next hearing on the case will be held on 14th of this month.


Revanth-reddy2 (1)


The ACB court relieved accused Sebastian and Uday SInha to certain extent. Court cancelled its condition that they should make presence at ACB officials daily. Court said that they should attend investigation on Monday, Thursday and Friday.



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