10/26/15 3:50 PM

‘Castration’ for Child Rapists: Madras High Court




The Madras High Court that is extremely unhappy about increased child sex abuse cases ordered that accused are to be severely punished. The HC asked the central government to make the punishment imposed to be as critical as castration (removal of testicles). Castration can either be done either surgically or through medication. Removal of testicles eliminates sex interest in men. Though the punishment is very cruel, court feels that crimes being committed are more cruel. Court say that the punishment should be as such that idea of committing a crime should vanish immediately on recollecting what punishment would be imposed on them. Also court mentioned that saving criminals and cutting down punishment under the name of Human Rights is not right. They should see not from the perspective of criminal but from the view of victims, it strongly said.These comments were made by Justice Kirubakaran when a British national approached High Court requesting to strike down a sexual assault case registered against him.



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