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Celebrating 1 Year of Korada.com




Exactly a year ago, korada.com has brought to viewers, its first article. Korada News does not appease any political party or caste and is born to deliver unbiased news to viewers in the present scenario where in several Telugu news portals are inclined towards some party or sections of people. korada.com views TDP, TRS, BJP, Congress, YCP, Loksatta, Communist, Janasena and all parties with the same perspective. We appreciate when someone comes up with activities or ideas that benefit society. In the same way, when an anti-democratic action is noticed, korada.com does not hesitate to condemn it. We assure our viewers that we will be the very same in future as well. When a mistake was committed by us, we apologized even before someone pointed at it.

For the first time ever, we introduced ECG, a scientific method of reviewing films. We watch films and then review them. Except Bruce Lee, we rightly reviewed all other films. We came up with many positive stories, special stories and brought to you some effective solutions for questions like ‘How to stop fake notes from ATM’. Team korada.com thanks all viewers who are recognizing our efforts and encouraging us. With the support of you all, our korada.com has been ranked 1116 in India by Alexa. We thank all our friends who have been liking and sharing our posts on Facebook and readers who are sharing their comments on our posts. We request your help in improvising the standards of web journalism. Please refer korada.com to at least a couple of your friends and invite them to like our Facebook page.


Team Korada


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