10/5/15 11:09 AM

PMs of Singapore, Japan Not Visiting Amaravathi..Why?!




AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is anxious to build the state’s capital Amaravathi prestigiously so that it meets world-class standards. Accordingly, muhurtham has been fixed for laying foundation for Amaravthi on 22nd October. Schedules are being prepared for making arrangements for the same in a grand manner. Large amounts of monetary resources are being utilized. Along with PM Modi, Prime Ministers of Singapore and Japan have been invited. Announcement was made that the three would be attending foundation ceremony of AP’s capital. On account of China tour, leader of that country was also invited to make presence at the occasion.

Meanwhile, confidential sources say that none of the foreign Prime Ministers will be present at the foundation laying ceremony and only representatives from respective countries will be present. If the Prime Minister/the highest person of a country has to attend an event taking place in another, invitation from PM of that country is essential. Government circles say that invitation from a Chief Minister to PM of another country to attend an event taking place in his state would not suffice since the matter involves two nations. As AP government is in direct contact with foreign countries, Prime Minister Modi is reportedly furious on it. Sources say that the central government gets timely reports on Chandrababu’s foreign tours and activities by government of AP from its messengers in those countries. Also foreign affairs ministry is also unhappy with Chandrababu for his direct international contacts with leaders.

It is known that Singapore’s first PM Li passed away a few days ago. CM AP Chandrababu requested center that he has personal relations with the late PM and wants to visit the country for his funeral. But the central government and External affairs ministry refused and told the CM that he could visit the country only as a part of Indian team that goes along with Prime Minister. With this, CM Chandrababu had to cancel his Singapore tour. Generally, in our country, central government’s permit is mandatory for CM of any state. In such a case, ‘how can foreign PMs be invited for foundation laying ceremony of a state’s capital? How would they attend?’ question some government circles.






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