06/9/15 7:14 AM

Chandrababu, Even God Can’t Save You!: KCR

The on-going war between the CMs of telugu states in cash-for-vote issue has reached peaks. To the fierce comments made by CM Chandrababu Naidu on CM KCR at Maha Sankalpa Sabha yesterday, the Telangana CM also reacted with the same and infact much higher intensity. CM KCR has inaugurated the Telangana water-grid pylon in Choutuppal and Yadadri ultra mega thermal power plant on Monday at Damaracherla. Later when he spoke at the Telangana Pragati Padam Sabha in Nalgonda last night, he fired on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. He questioned if he has to stay calm when Chandrababu is trying to bribe MLAs for TDP to win MLC election in Telangana. KCR said that he is all hooked up with various issues in Telangana and working 18 hours a day for the development of the state and has no time to make plans to trap CM of AP. He said that Chandrababu is not a person who gets into trouble but he is the one who creates trouble. He fired that they say a thief should not be caught and what he does should not be termed as theft. We got our Telangana, now why will we bother about your useless rule, he said. KCR blamed congress leaders saying that those brainless persons approved Hyderabad as united capital for 10 years.




It is not over yet. KCR said much more! “Chandrababu! Telangana state is our’s. The state is ruled by son of Telangana. ACB in Hyderabad will not be yours’. You got openly caught after committing a theft. Even after everything about your robbery is clearly put forward before ACB, you affirm that you were trapped with false allegations! The bull-shit stories and politics of yours’ is now known to the entire country.The people of Telangana today are not ready to sit and watch whatever crap you do. They will give you the right punishment. So, be careful. Mind you words! You say that you got your ACB? But KCR is not a robber like you! He is not committing any crimes like you. Why did you attempt to make your people contest in MLC election when you are aware of the less strength your party has in the state? You are a very loyal person, right? You stay right behind Satya Harishchandra’s house, right? (sarcasm) You are the one who tried to win MLC election by bribing MLAs. But Stephenson being a son of Telangana, hooked you up. Your MLA is now put behind the bars. Your audio tapes were also released yesterday, to which you started saying that those are fake recordings. Chandrababu… be careful… not even the God can save you. If you still are the same, you will get the right punishment from us.” Thus KCR literally warned Chandrababu!

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