06/18/15 11:08 AM

Chandrababu is Caught, KCR is Not..

bhatti vikramarka


The challenges and comments among leaders in AP and Telangana in cash-for-vote case is leaping boundaries. While Chandrababu is caught in cash-for-vote, KCR is not, said T PCC Working President Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka. He made sensational comments about the two CMs. He said that Section-8 is being brought into picture in order to mask their glitches. Bhatti Vikramarka said that he will take to the notice of President Pranab Mukherjee, the wrong doings of both the CMs. He expressed displeasure towards the slow investigation that is being done in cash-for-vote scam that deals with crores of rupees. He questioned why BJP is not taking any steps regarding the scam. He asked why the government that whipped BJP senior leader Bangaru Lakshman for accepting Rs. 1 lakh is not reacting against Chandrababu though the case deals with Rs. 5 lakh.



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