06/9/15 8:25 AM

Chandrababu Phone Tapping: Major Clues Obtained?



The Telangana government has been declining allegations of it tapping phones of AP CM Chandrababu and some superior officials. But the Intelligence agencies of AP have obtained a major clue to prove that the phones of Chandrababu, some ministers and officials were tapped by the Telangana government. The Intelligence officials and police of Andhra Pradesh have been investigating into phone tapping issue in all possible ways. Officials of AP have found that with Telangana Intelligence office as the center, tapping of phones of Chandrababu and others has been done. Investigation is now being carried out to find out whose phones in AP government were tapped and who has passed orders to do so. Once clear cut proofs are obtained, AP government will get ready to file cases against Intelligence officials of Telangana who tapped phones and also on those who ordered them to do so.



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