06/11/15 9:19 AM

Chandrababu & Revanth Sit Beside Each Other Silently at Engagement

chandrababu & revanth


At the engagement ceremony of TDP MLA Revanth Reddy’s daughter Nymisha Reddy, CM CHandrababu and Revanth were seated beside each other silently. It was only the smile that they had on their faces but no talks. While Chandrababu who attended the function along with wife was seated in a sofa, Revanth Reddy went and sat right beside him. They exchanged smiles did not talk to each other. Revanth Reddy who was seated in that place for some time moved from there to welcome other guests after photographers clicked photos of Chandrababu and him. It is known that the ACB court that granted 12hour-interim-bail to the TDP MLA under some conditions. The rules say that he should not meet any politician or interact with media during his bail period. So, Revanth Reddy was unable to interact with the guests who attended the engagement. ACB officials on the other hand were observing Revanth and others during the course of the ceremony.



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