06/9/15 7:25 AM

Chandrababu to Attend Revanth Reddy’s Daughter’s Engagement

The engagement of daughter of Revanth Reddy who was arrested in cash-for-vote case is going to be held on 11th june. But Revanth Reddy has not been granted bail yet. The leaders family members have decided to go ahead with the function on the fixed date irrespective of his bail (whether he gets it or not). Revanth’s family members decided to do so though they are in sadness as they do not want to postpone the first auspicious occasion in the family.




AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu has decided to support Revanth Reddy’s family during this tough period. He decided to attend the engagement ceremony that will be held day after tomorrow, along with other TDP leaders and ministers of Andhra Pradesh state.

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