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Chilli King Who Eats 2.5 Kg Chillis Per Day!




Chilli is meant for adding spice to a dish. Slightly extra amount of chillis makes us sweat. But this Chinese man named Li Yongzhi who lives in Zhengzhou is extremely crazy about chillis that he literally eats 2.5 kg of them per day. Green chillis, red ones..whatever it is, Li loves Chillis.




Li’s stomach is not filled unless he empties 2.5 kg chillis into his stomach because it is the only food he eats. His day starts with chillis. While we all brush our teeth in the morning, Li cleans up by chewing red chilli. He says that he will not be satisfied with food unless it is spicy. That is why the Chinese call Li as ‘Chilli King’.




Do you know since when Li is habituated to this? It was since he was at the age of 10. The man has immense love for red chillis. He might live without consuming eggs, meat but he cannot without having chillis in a day. He is cultivating eight kinds of mirchi in a lawn behind his house.




An incident that took place 10 years ago changed Li’s life. His son was injured in a road accident. Li Yangzi who was depressed, ate two platesful of chilli powder, drank water and reached hospital. Doctors told him that his health was alright. Thus when Li continued eating chillis, it turned a habit and eventually his favorite food. Finally, Li has achieved the name ‘Chilli King’!



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