02/19/16 5:52 PM

China Students Sentenced for Stripping Classmates


Three students in China were severely punished by court for their inhumane conduct with co-students. The three accused are students of south California University. They attacked two classmates and thrashed them up. Stating the reason that their 16-year-old classmate was not respecting them, the three attacked her at a restaurant and a park in Rowland Heights. Two days after this, they kidnapped, stripped and burnt body of their 18-year-old classmate. They harassed her for nearly five hours. They did this over an issue pertaining to a boy and also because the girl did not pay restaurant bill. As the three are proved to be guilty, Yunyao Zhai, 20, was sentenced Wednesday to 13 years in state prison. Zhai’s co-defendant, 19-year-old Xinlei Zhang, will spend the next six years behind bars while a third defendant, Yuhan Yang, 19, received 10 years.



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