05/30/15 12:48 PM

Chinese Goal Keeper Sips Water, Skips Ball: Fined Rs.5 lakh


A Chinese goal keeper was fined for missing ball kicked by opponents, for sipping water. When the goal keeper went aside to grab his bottle to sip some water, the opponents made a goal, resulting in the goal keeper’s team losing the football batch. The incident took place in China Super League Football Match. Going into detail…




The football match between Chongqing Lifan and Liaoning teams reached the interesting part, when Lifan was leading with 1-0 over Liaoning, Lifan would definitely have won the match if the same scenario was observed during next 7 minutes. When the match was reaching the final point, a small mistake committed by Lifan’s goal keeper Sui Weijie stood as the turning point.Liaoning got an opportunity for a free kick at the end of the game. Liaoning midfielder kicked the ball straight towards goal post easily.




That was when the unexpected,hilarious incident took place. Goalkeeper Sui wh was unable to bear thirst went aside, leaving the goal post to quench his thirst, unnoticed of the ball approaching the post. Ball kicked by Liaoning midfielder went straight towards the post without any obstruction. The goalkeeper was shocked upon getting to know what happened within seconds. Though he became conscious immediately, the bad has already happened to his team. Finally the match ended with a score of 1-1.

While Liaoning team made use of the opportunity to improve its score, team Lifan was shocked to see the goalkeeper awy from goal post sipping water. A match that was supposed to be won by them finally ended up a draw match. For the mistake committed by Sui, the football board fined him Rs. 5 lakh and also suspended him from the match.


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