05/15/15 11:34 AM

Chinese Media Clips 2 States off India Map


It is not only China but also its media channels are trying to display dominant characteristics. The insult that was freshly done to India is an example for the same. India map is boldly being telecasted over China television channels after chopping Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir off India. A notable point is Chinese media committing to such an act while PM of India, Narendra Modi was still in their country.


cntv china chops india


PM Modi is on his 3-day tour to China. He met Chinese President Xi Jinping and both countries signed 24 agreements regarding space, tourism, entrepreneurship etc. A Chinese state owned news channel CNTV, during its coverage used a map of India that clipped Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh off. The channel telecasted ews about the 24 agreements signed by Modi and Chinese politicians regarding India and China. That was when it showed maps of India and China on tv, chopping the two states off India.




This contemplation shows what kind of respect TV channels in China have for India. Anger has been raging to sky in India regarding such behavior of Chinese media. We have to see whether Modi discusses this issue with the leaders in China or not.


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