05/7/15 6:17 AM

Chinese Student Buys 9 Pythons Online! Arrested

chinese student pythons online



chinese student pythons online


What does any one of us order online? Dresses, mobiles, shoes or groceries. But a student from Fujian of China ordered pythons over the internet! Exactly one week from the date of placing order, a person sent python eggs properly packed from Africa by courier to him.  The boy spent 100 Yuan to purchase python eggs. He placed those eggs in an incubator soon after receiving the eggs. As the eggs hatched, totally 9 pythons took birth. The excited student happily posted their photos over the internet saying that pythons were born in his house. A few locals intimated the news to police who then arrested the student after getting to know that he illegally imported those pythons from a foreign country. The baby pythons were then shifted to a local zoo.

The pythons that were purchased by the boy are called Royal Pythons or Ball Pythons and grow upto a length of 120 cm. Inorder to pet pythons at homes in China, permission has to be seeked from officials of local Forest department and the government. Also they should be bought from legal sellers who have all permissions and to be bought in black market, said China authorities. Most importantly, it is illegal to import pythons from a foreign country and if brought to their country by mistake, they create trouble to existing ecology, said some officials in China.



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