02/3/16 4:52 PM

Chiranjeevi Daughter Srija to get Married


Megastar Chiranjeevi ‘s family has found a groom from his second daughter Srija ‘s second marriage. Srija earlier married a man named Sirish Bharadwaj against the will of entire mega family. Also she sought police security as she mentioned that she and her former husband had threat from her family. That was when powerstar Pawan Kalyan aggressively submitted his revolver to police in front of media. Sirish and Srija had a baby girl within no time after getting married. After that, Srija filed for divorce complaining that Sirish was harassing her for dowry. After several hearings, court approved their divorce in the year 2014. Mega family convinced Srija to get married once again and started looking for a groom for her since 2015. Sources reveal that they have finally found a man. Chiranjeevi is going to get Srija married to a big businessman based in USA. Also, sources say that Chiranjeevi and his wife Surekha will bring their granddaughter up in order to avoid disturbances in Srija ‘s married life.



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