07/14/15 9:15 AM

Chiranjeevi Demands Chandrababu’s Resignation for Stampede & Deaths




Opposition parties are firing on TDP for Rajahmundry Pushkara Ghat stampede and deaths. Congress party leader Chiranjeevi who was distressed about the incident said that CM Chandrababu should take the sole responsibility for it. He demanded resignation from Chandrababu for his failure in making proper arrangements for the safety of devotees who attended the pushkaram. Huge publicity and crore of money was spent on the event but no proper measures were taken, he said. YCP leader Ambati Rambabu also said that Chandrababu’s government failed in making proper arrangements for pushkaralu. Ambati said that Babu is the one responsible for stampede at Pushkara Ghat. He commented that Babu and his government failed even after spending crores of rupees on maha pushkaralu.



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