03/28/16 12:07 PM

Chiranjeevi ‘s Fan Murders Pawan Kalyan ‘s Fan

pawan kalyan chiranjeevi

Rivalry among mega fans has been going beyond limits. Though Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi appeared on the same stage and were affectionate with each other, fan groups of the two stars still have not put an end to their atrocities against each other. A recent fight between fans of megastar and powerstar took a life!

There lived two friends in Kaul Bazar in Bellary, Karnataka. One of them is a hardcore fan of Chiranjeevi and the other is a diehard fan of powerstar Pawan Kalyan. When the two met recently, they were speaking about their favorite heroes. Chiru ‘s fan passed a statement that there is no other hero who could match megastar. Pawan ‘s fan gave a counter statement that powerstar is the best. The argument got heated up and finally, Chiranjeevi ‘s fan hit Pawan ‘s fan with an iron rod. Powerstar ‘s fan died on spot.



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