04/18/15 11:56 AM

Is it CM KCR’s Lucky Number?!

When called for a Christian meeting and felicitated, KCR announced Rs. 10 crore for Christian Bhavan. He gave away Rs. 10 crores to Keralites in a Malayali meet, Rs. 10 crore for construction of Banjara Bhavan, Rs. 10 crore for Telangana Bathukamma festival. Whoever request KCR is being promised Rs. 10 crore immediately. Recently in Collectors’ meeting, KCR assured Rs. 100 crores ie., Rs 10 crores per district as an emergency fund that can be utilized at their will by the collectors. Not just announcing but the Telangana C.M instantly passed orders for release of funds too. “Once upon a time, people used to give a grand welcome to the district collectors but now-a-days, they are not even concerned of them”, said KCR. It is clear that any schemes or programs announced by the government at state or central level will  be implemented by collectors in their respective districts. Precisely, the 3 main M’s powerful in a country are PM for nation, CM for state and DM for district (DM – District Magistrate/Collector). Collectors who already are such powerful are now being allocated Rs. 10 crores each. This will be the first time in history that emergency funds are allotted to districts. This process will definitely provoke other collectors in various other states in India. However, is 10 crores KCR’s lucky number or is it being coined by him several times because there are 10 districts in Telangana?!

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