06/17/15 11:40 AM

CM Ramesh Warns Sakshi Journalist

cm ramesh warning


TDP MP CM Ramesh fired on Sakshi TV for the news that the channel has been telecasting since a few days that Rs. 50 lakh that was brought to be offered to Stephenson was withdrawn from his account. CM Ramesh addressed the media today. During that time, when a journalist from Sakshi said”, What about the allegations that Rs. 50 lakh was drawn from your account sir!”, to which the MP reacted saying, ”I am ready to resign if it is proved that the amount of money was withdrawn from my account. Will Jagan resign if it is proved wrong?”. The Sakshi journalist reverted saying, “Why would Jagan resign sir? How is he related to the case?”. Ramesh questioned, “Fine, will Sakshi channel that has been defaming me since past few days be shut down?”. The MP fired on Sakshi for propaganda of false news about him and defaming him. Thus a small argument raged between CM Ramesh and Sakshi journalist. Finally, “Be careful of what you say”, CM Ramesh warned the journalist. The TDP leader said that Telangana government is playing a mind game and his party has got enough courage to battle against them.



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