12/12/15 3:16 PM

Comedian Prudhvi Raj Six Pack Body Coming Soon




True! Comedian, 30 years industry Prudhvi Raj himself revealed that his six pack body is soon coming. Since his role ‘Future Star Siddhappa’ in Bengal Tiger movie got great response, Prudhvi gave an interview. In the media interaction, when Prudhvi disclosed that he will come up with six pack body, media persons were shocked at once because it is heroes who usually prefer six pack. They do vigorous workouts at gym, intake healthy diet and build body. Comedian Sunil came up with six pack only after he started appearing as a hero. Meanwhile, Prudhvi told them that after Bengal Tiger, he is acting in a Tamil film starring Ajith. Prudhvi is seen as a dumb man in the film and is supposed to take part in fight sequence during climax. During the fight scenes, he will be seen shirtless, and Ajith suggested that he builds six pack body for it. Prudhvi said that his six pack body will be all ready by March and he will also release his workout videos. Prudhvi said that Sunil, who developed from family pack to six pack is his inspiration. However, media persons are wondering how comedian Prudhvi could ever develop six-pack body.



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