05/19/16 3:30 PM

Comedian ‘s Son to enter Tollywood


The sons and daughters of several actors are entering Tollywood now-a-days. Gautham Raju is the veteran Telugu comedian who appeared in several films like Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam, Run, Malliswari, Desamuduru etc. The comedian ‘s son is now all set to entertain audiences as a hero. In a recent interview, Gautham Raju announced that his son Krishna will be seen as a mass Telugu hero. The comedian is trying to make use of the good rapport he shares with various biggies in TFI for the success of his son Krishna. Gautham Raju ‘s next film Dollar ki Maro Vaipu will hit the theatres soon. It is known that comedian Uttej ‘s daughter Chethana Uttej is an upcoming heroine.



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