01/2/16 2:01 PM

Committee on Roja Suspension & Audio Tape Leak


The Andhra Pradesh government has appointed a committee to probe into the suspension of YCP MLA Roja. The committee headed by Deputy Speaker Mandali Buddha Prasad also consists of TDP MLA Sravan Kumar, BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju and YCP MLA Sreekanth Reddy. The committee will look into suspension of Roja and leakage of audio tapes in assembly and submit reports on the same to Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad in 20 days. Based on the reports, speaker will decide whether the suspension period will continue or be lessened by some days. First meeting of the committee will probably be held on 5th and 6th January. It is known that YCP leader Roja has been suspended for one year for making objectionable comments on AP CM Chandababu Naidu.



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