10/5/15 11:46 AM

Congress Members Stuff Pigeons in Rockets & Fire!

congress pigeon rockets

The shocking incident in which some Congress members stuffed live pigeons in rockets and fired them took place in AP. Going into detail…


congress pigeon rockets


On account of Congress leader N.Raghuveera Reddyy’s visit to Kovvuru, West Godavari district, some members of the party who decided to invite him by burning crackers. To do it in a different manner, they thought of stuffing pigeons in rockets and firing them so that upon reaching a height, they will be set free and would fly away. But what actually happened was in total contrast to what the ignorant people expected. Since a cone shaped thick paper was used to pack pigeons tightly inside rockets, the birds were burnt up and roasted due to immense heat after rockets were lit. A complaint was filed on the incident by an NGO named People for Animals against the Congress members for animal cruelty, which attracts punishment in the country.



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