12/28/15 5:41 PM

Constable Who has 6 Cars, 2 Houses & More..


M.Tech, MBA, B.Tech holders are also competing for attender jobs and posts of similar rank. Reading this article, one can understand the reason behind this competition for even small government jobs. A man named Arun Singh pursued Degree (BA) which is not a very high education. It is atleast not so high that he earns properties with it. But Arun Singh’s assets are many. The reason behind them is the traffic constable job that he was doing.

The Lokayukta police raided the house of Arun Singh, Head Constable in Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh. The officials were dumbstruck to know that worth of property that he owns. They have taken into custody documents pertaining to his properties and 4 cars. Also he has a 25-acre large farm house, 8600 s ft plots, 2 flats in Indore, a farmhouse and 2 houses in Rewa. Officials have seized the properties of Arun Singh and are trying to trace out more undisclosed assets of the head constable. They filed a case against the traffic constable and started investigating.

Even IIT pass-outs might not be earning so many properties. This is the reason there is a lot of competition for government jobs of lower rank also.



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