06/30/15 8:08 AM

Consumption of Alcohol is Fundamental Right: Home Minister!

We have seen leaders saying ‘Freedom is my birthright’. But have we ever seen a leader saying ‘Consumption of alcohol is a fundamental right’? Bad days have come! We would not consider these words at all if they are said by some passerby. But a Home Minister who is supposed to be an inspiration and a role model to his people has uttered these words about alcohol consumption. The greatness goes to none other than Madhya Pradesh Home Minsiter Babulal Gaur.




Babulal Gaur, who has always been in news with some controversial statement, has made headlines once again. Consumption of alcohol is a fundamental right. It is a status symbol. Crime rate does not increase with consumption of alcohol… these were the statements that Babulal freshly made. ‘A person after consuming alcohol will be totally out of senses, how could he commit a crime?’, he questioned. Babulal’s words have resulted in controversy all over the country. He earlier commented about the dressing of Tamil Nadu women and rapes and steered controversy.



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