05/12/16 11:59 AM

Couple caught getting Romantic in Public


Sex is very common in western countries. People living there have a lot of freedom when it comes to sex. The freedom is so much that nobody can question you about where you do it and when you do it. A recent incident England has proved it. A couple got kinky on a public road in South Yorkshire when everyone was watching them. They got naked and took part in sex on the road in broad daylight.

Do you know where this couple committed the act? It is on a road that is just some distance away from a college where thousands of students attend. The college ‘s name is Doncaster. Right behind the cash and carry deposit, the couple began taking part in sex when hundreds of people were watching. Controversy arose over the man and woman behaving like shameless animals in public.

Some people who filmed the scene uploaded it on internet in the name ‘Only in Doncaster’ and it has gone viral. The 90 second video has turned hot topic. In September, the Yorkshire police have banned sex in public places.



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