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Cow Dung Cakes Available Online!




Poetry has no limitations and it is known to us all. Relating it to present trend, we can say, Online sale has no limitations. Yes, e-commerce has brought about significant revolution. Right from a broom to expensive products, everything is available on e-shopping sites. Since world now runs on technology, every needful item is made available online. One click and the product you need will be delivered at your doorstep.

Coming to the point.. cow dung is also available online. One might be shocked to know this but yes, cow dung is available on e-shopping sites. Keeping customers’ problems in mind, e-commerce sites have started trading cow dung. It will be delivered to you with just one click.

Cow dung cakes are available on online shopping sites. In good sizes and attractive packing, the dung cakes are available in 9 cm diameter and 1 cm thickness.

While some sellers pack 4 dung cakes in a package, others offer 11, 24 of them in a single package. 4 cow dung cakes cost Rs.40, 24 cost Rs. 150. Like bumper offers are available on other products, huge discounts are offered on dung cakes.

Cow dung is not found easily now-a-days. With this, cow dung in villages has got demand. Reserve of dung is to be made to prepare dung cakes for festivals and pooja ceremonies. Some villages also are in the same position. So, in order to make during available to people living in cities, e-commerce websites have launched the new product!



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