05/21/15 7:07 AM

Crane Fights off 3 Tigers in Chinese Zoo

tiger crane china zoo

A crane in a Chinese zoo showed courage to fight off 3 tigers. Everyone is afraid of a tiger. What if more than one, say three tigers try to attack us at once? We would not even get the idea to escape from them out of the terror that arises in that situation. But, a brave crane succeeded in saving itself from three tigers and counter attacked them. The incident took place in a zoo in China.

A crane accidentally fell into an enclosure consisting of four tigers inside it. Tigers tried to attack the crane which is fleshy and looked yummy to them. Those tigers that were bored of eating the flesh thrown by zoo people into the enclosure might have thought of chasing the crane and feeding on it. The crane tried to escape from the enclosure but fencing did not allow it to. It understood that if it does not counter attack the hungry tigers, it will surely become a meal for them.  Spreading it wings and standing its ground, the crane moved towards the tigers and chased them away. Tigers scared by the crane moved to each of the corners. After a short while, the zoo staff who reached the enclosure, saved the crane… sorry, they saved the tigers from the crane!



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