02/5/16 1:28 PM

Crew Suspended as Sonu Nigam Sings on Plane


A song sung by singer Sonu Nigam on a plane has put the crew of the plane he was travelling by in trouble. It resulted in their suspension. Shocked? Going into detail..

Sonu Nigam recently flew on a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Jodhpur. While co-passengers requested him to sing a song, he sang two songs from Veer Zaara and Refugee and entertained audiences. The point is the Sonu Nigam sang on the airlines’ announcement system (mike) which is used by the crew to make announcements on a flight. Since air hostesses present on the flight did not object Sonu Nigam from singing on it, the airline suspended them. Airline officials mentioned that proper action will be taken against the staff who did not do their duty properly. A video showing Sonu Nigam singing on the plane has been going viral over the internet.



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