11/10/15 2:22 PM

Cruel ISIS Kills 200 Children

isis kills 200 children

isis kills 200 children


Terror group ISIS has proved its brutality once again. Innocent children have become their victims this time. Not one or two of them..as many as 200 children. ISIS killed as many as 200 innocent children after shifting them in trucks. This is one more example that depicts the cruel nature of the terror group.

Governments of France, Russia, Australia, Iran countries are offering help to Syrian government to check on the country and protect from the activities of ISIS. With this the terror group showed its anger on children in order to terrify those countries. Militants took the captured children from places within their control to the bank of Tigris River, tied their hands and made them lie on floor. When the children pleaded to leave them, they hit them in the face. Later, 12 terrorists executed the innocent children using AK 47s and rifles. ISIS militants then dumped their dead bodies in River Tigris. The video has been circulated online by a Yemen-based anti-ISIS activist. It is known that ISIS killed over 1700 soldiers in mass killing in past.



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