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Culprits Behind Call Money Scam



Call money.. a sensational scam in Andhra Pradesh! Who are the culprits behind the birth of this evil that deprived people of their money, property and lives?

People have many needs. They should afford their children’s education, illness, weddings and many more. In this context, they might loan some amount of money. It is less common that small businessmen and workers are granted loans from banks. When people do not get to borrow money at lower rates, they get trapped by loaning amounts at high interest rates, which are intended to take advantage of the need of people. This is what is happening right now in AP state. What is the reason for this?




Sonia, Rajasekhara Reddy and Chandrababu’s Popular Schemes

There is nothing wrong in introducing certain schemes, keeping in mind, the basic needs of poor. It is the duty of government to see that the schemes are made use of by eligible people and systems do not collapse because of such schemes. Schemes like waiver of loans (runa mafi) are collapsing banking sector. When such schemes are introduced, a person who loaned money and has the capability of repaying it also will not pay it back with the confidence that it will be waived. This is causing irreparable loss to banking and associated sectors. Under the name of Dwacra, production of goods is not taking place but money circulation and financing is taking place at a fast pace. After witnessing the situation, bankers are worried about granting loans to public.

Political parties are not bothered of whether the money candidates bring to them is earned through prostitution, illegal grabbing of land, it is earned through prostitution or through duplicate currency. If they possess money, that is enough and they make the person win. This is much worse than call money.

Political Traders

Big contractors like Rayapati, Kavuri, lagadapati are not repaying thousands of crores of rupees that they loan. When asked why they are not paying the amounts back, they simply escape saying that losses were incurred. Building assets when profits are earned and non-repayment of loans in case of losses has turned a trend now-a-days. Banks are also granting loans to such people despite such behavior. They do not show interest in approving loans to common people. So, these corporate political businessmen are also responsible for the call money scam.


Government is spending lakhs of crores of rupees in the name of education and health for women but what people are actually receiving is absolutely Zero. Since government services lack quality, public are preferring private health and education (sometimes law) services by spending money from their pockets. The main reason for government services being of such low quality are the communist parties that run unions. So, they also have their share of sin in the scam.

Politicians, Political traders, communists running unions, who demolished the entire system, are the reasons for public turning into slaves in the hands of private money lenders. So, they are also the culprits in call money scam.



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