11/9/15 12:46 PM

Cut Them Into Pieces, Kill Them : A girl’s Suicide Note

girl suicide

girl suicide


An intermediate student in Guntur killed herself being unable to tolerate harassment by some male students. She pleaded in a suicide note that the boys were harassing many innocent girls and they should be cut into pieces and killed.

Tirupathamma (16), an Intermediate-studying student of Krishnaveni Junior College in Guntur has hanged herself when none of her family members was at home. Police who were informed about the death reached the house and checked thoroughly. They discovered a three-paged suicide note in which she mentioned that 6 students of various colleges in Macherla were the reason for her suicide. She mentioned that Prem Raj Nayak of Chakradhar Degree College is the primary reason behind her death. Tirupathamma wrote that he deceives innocent females in the name of friendship and, he should be cut into pieces and killed. She also requested that remaining persons also be severely punished.



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