08/26/15 9:56 AM

Cutest Puppies & Drawings of Different Dog Breeds Around the World

Dogs Iluustration

The wonderful world of Puppies from around the world, what could be more fun? You will know about different breeds of puppies and dogs, some which you know already and some will be new even to you. Here are drawings of dog breeds belonging to various countries. Look at the drawings to discover several breeds right from miniature to huge sized dogs and also know interesting facts like which breed hails from which part of the world. Dog breeds like Alaskan Malamute, Tibetan Mastiff, Dingo, Schipperke and others from different countries around the world like Asian, African, Canadian, Russian, German, French and many more are presented here along with images. Have a look.


Dogs of the World

Dogs around the world drawings

Swiss Dogs

Russian Dogs

Nordic Dogs

Middle Eastern Dogs

Latin American Dogs

Irish Dogs

German Dogs

French Dogs

English Dogs

Canadian Dogs

Belgian Dogs

Australian Dogs

Asian Dogs

American Dogs



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