10/31/15 4:57 PM

Dasari Comments on Big Tollywood Stars’ Families




Popular tollywood director Dasari Narayana Rao steered controversy with his comments on families of top film stars. He fired that 10 heroes from popular film actors’ families are dominating telugu film industry, when he attended audio launch of Swathi Reddy and Naveen Chandra starrer Tripura. Dasari praised hero Naveen Chandra that he is advancing well even though he comes with no cinema background. 10 heroes from families of big stars entered tollywood recently, which has turned a trouble to new comers who have got no background related to the industry. He showed compliments over directors SS.Rajamouli, Krish and Shekar Kammula. Dasari appreciated their films which succeed even without presence of big stars in them. ‘1 director can make 100 actors but 100 actors cannot create a director’ he mentioned. Dasari expressed satisfaction over success of the films Kanche and Raju Gari Gadi.  However, the comments made by Dasari on heroes from families of Tollywood’s stars have turned a hot topic in the Tollywood.



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