11/7/15 3:24 PM

Dasari Criticizes Tollywood Audio Launches



Senior director Dasari Narayana Rao fired on the manner in which audio launches are being held in Tollywood. He commented that audio launches of Telugu films are dominating the jataras that usually take place in villages. He said he does not understand for whom and for what reason lengthy dance programs are organized during music launches. Not wishing to watch such dances, Dasari said he is not attending audio launch functions.

He fired that huge crowds are driven on to stage unnecessarily during audio launches. Dasari Narayana Rao questioned if it is really necessary to call all technicians onto dais. When too many people are called, all have to wait behind the person speaking on mike at a given moment, he said. Dasari criticized that senior artists have to wait behind small technicians when they address the crowd at audio launch events. He wants Telugu film industry to learn how international events like Oscars are held. Only the award winner and the person who gives it are present on stage. All others are seated. Nobody stands behind them on stage, he mentioned.



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